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Green Global Berlin

The headquarters of AB GREEN GLOBAL GmbH is located in the industrial area of the city of Strausberg with convenient connections to Berlin and to the A10.

We are a certified waste management company and first treatment for WEEE that may waste collecting, transporting, storage, treatment and mediating.

We offer the service of acceptance and disposal of electronic equipment, lamps and cool furniture of any kind, and the creation of waste legally required documents from a single source.

Your advantage is that you can meet all the necessary requirements to the environmental authorities. Experience has shown that a large part of the waste materials to beräumenden, which must be disposed of proof required.

Furthermore, one of our main business is based in the area of material flow management. We act and communicate worldwide recyclable raw materials and waste.

We are your partner in Recycling – Recycling–Trade – Export – Import.


What we can do for you

The reprocessing and marketing of large quantities is problem-free due to the new firm area and the generously arranged trade spatialness to realize. An extensive customer and prospective customer file and various selling ways make a fast completion of the business for us possible. Also for products concerned by the forthcoming, revised electronics scrap iron regulation, we have an ideal sales market. Further we make the production possible of spare parts by disassembly of the devices, which can be supplied to the European market then for the preservation of existing devices according to the regulation again. With unvermarktbarer commodity and/or products we for a professional dismantling and normal supply ensure for utilization.

Our power spectrum covers also the disassembly of cooling systems as well as the Beräumung of entire market mechanisms.

Global think

Our intention reads: "Waste avoidance future sales markets win": That means for us to supply in such a way the devices according to the regulations to the world markets that a meaningful employment for the respective population can be converted positively. A close contact to our foreign business partners creates transparent selling ways up to the goal of the commodity.

Other devices are dismantled, sorted and supplied than spare parts to the secondhand markets.

Unvermarktbare of devices and/or components are professionally divided and are disposed.

We hope to have aroused your interest with our global thought also.